Of Feasts and Famine


Gratitude Day 2: A job for a late riser

When I was younger, I remember my father before work. He would come into my bedroom, pick me up and put me in front of weekday morning cartoons. I'd wake up to an animated version of Peter Pan. My father was very wise.

Normally, waking up that early would make me pitch a fit. Bleary eyed and warm, I would vent my wrath on the fool that woke me. Cartoons could placate me, but not much else. Certainly the prospect of going to school didn't. I wish I could say I became less immature as I aged.

As I entered young adult hood, things didn't improve. Any 8:30AM class I would be consistently late for. One quarter I had an 8:30AM class I would attend once a week. Still pulled a C+; a sad statement on the state of higher education.

Enter a job at a retail store. Sure, it has drawbacks. Customers, for one. But the perks- I don't have to be at work until 10AM. No perky, alert people at 8:30 in the morning. I'm not expected to roll out of bed elegantly coiffed. That is something worth working for.

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