Of Feasts and Famine


Gratitude Day 1: Iphone

I know, saying I'm grateful for my iphone makes me sound shallow. And certainly, it isn't my wisest purchase. However, this phone reminds me of how far I've come. There was a brief span in my life when I didn't have a phone, let alone a phone number for anybody to get a hold of me.

But when my parent's house got foreclosed when I was 17, I had limited options. As a minor, I could only work part time. I decided to tough it out until I turned 18. My parents kinda flew the coop, opting to stay in a motel. I decided to live with a boyfriend and his family until I could get on my feet. And lo- I did get a job. Managed to move out, even. Sharing an apartment wasn't ideal but it was close to school and cheap.

Good thing the rent was cheap, too, because that was all I could afford. Working at a computer store, I had no money for a computer. Or a phone. My room mates weren't interested in allowing me to use the landline, so payphone it was. The nearest payphone was over a mile away. Trudging down the hill, I would hope whoever I decided to call would pick up. And as for emergencies? I better not have those. That was less than 10 years ago... now I have a phone. A nice phone that I worked hard to buy, and hard to pay the bill for. And I can't really lie, it's pretty awesome.

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