Of Feasts and Famine


Gratitude Day 5- Public Library

As easy as the internet makes my life, I still enjoy a good book. As a child, I had my own small bookshelf filled with books. Mostly fiction, some non-fiction. Coveting them, I made them a symbol of my outcast, nerdy status. In my adult life I carried the habit over, buying many books. I feel I must justify my actions by stating I read many of these books more than once. But some I never read at all.

Recently, I have kindled an interest in frugal living. Although I enjoy my job, it doesn't pay much. (funny how these things are correlated). Through frugality tips, I have re-discovered my library. And it's wonderful. Books, movies, music. Things I only take a passing interest in don't clutter my shelves. Automated email reminders help me avoid late fees, and the online catalog makes finding books a snap. Could my tax dollars go to a better cause?

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